Vmware Site Recovery Manager

vCenter Site Recovery Manager is the industry-leading disaster recovery (DR) management solution. Site Recovery Manager provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans for all virtualized applications.
Site Recovery Manager can integrate natively with vSphere Replication and support a broad set of array-based replication products available by all major VMware storage partners.
A deployment founded on vSphere and complemented with Site Recovery Manager can dramatically lower the cost of DR through management and testing automation that eliminates
the complexity of legacy processes, while ensuring fast and highly predictable recovery time objectives (RTO) to maintain business continuity.

How Does It Work?

VMware vCenter Server™. Site Recovery Manager instances deployed at both production and recovery sites integrate directly with local vCenter Server instances. Replication. Site Recovery Manager requires an underlying replication technology to copy virtual machine (VM) data to the recovery site.

• vSphere Replication. VMware’s hypervisor-based replication technology enables VM-centric, storage-independent replication with customizable recovery point objective (RPO) and multiple
point-in-time recovery. vSphere Replication is included with most vSphere editions at no additional cost.

• Array-based replication. Site Recovery Manager integrates with third-party storage array-based replication products through a Storage Replication Adapter (SRA).


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